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Here we have some excellent original South African Braai (BBQ) spices that can of course be used in the kitchen as well.

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Texan Steak Seasoning - 200 gram
Texan Steak 75x128 Legendary American seasoning with a slightly sweet aromatic flavor.
Perfect for steaks and meat on the grill.
Price : R36.25
Availability : Currently out of stock

Braai Seasoning - 200 gram
Braai 75x128 You want a real “Braai” taste for your Steaks, Lamb and Chicken?
Price : R26.95
Availability : Currently out of stock

Spice-O-Mat Seasoning - 200 gram
Spice-o-Mat 75x128 An excellent general use BBQ and seasoning spice. Excellent for general use in the kitchen and Potjiekos!
Price : R24.25
Availability : Currently out of stock

Six-Gun Grill Seasoning - 200 gram
Six Gun 75x128 A flavoursome spice ideal for grilled beef, chick and lamb as well as potjies, mince and stews. A slight cumin taste.
Price : R25.19
Availability : Currently out of stock

Great Chicken Seasoning - 200 gram
Chicken 75x128 For a delicious barbecue flavour with cayenne pepper notes for Ideal for a roast, braai or cooked chicken.
Price : R20.34
Availability : Currently out of stock

BBQ with Garlic Seasoning - 200 gram
Garclic 75x128 A delicious barbecue spice with a good hint of garlic.
Ideal for chicken and beef.

Price : R31.25
Availability : Currently out of stock

Crown Peri-Peri Spice - 200 gram
  South African Peri-Peri spice as you remember it!
Price : R21.35
Availability : Currently out of stock

Cheetah's Braai Spice - 200 gram
Cheetahs 75x128 A truly Free State “Cheetah” Braai Spice!
Flavoursome and perfect for your Braai or Potjie!
Price : R35.50
Availability : Currently out of stock

Blue Bulls Braai Spice - 200 gram
Blue Bull 75x128 Specially formulated for the Blue Bulls!
A flavoursome spice ideal for any braai as well as potjie, mince and stews
Price : R35.50
Availability : Currently out of stock

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