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Rockey's New Age Home Biltong Maker
New TURBO Model!

The NEW RNA-5 TURBO Home Biltong Maker is the latest addition to our popular range of Home Biltong Makers.

With the incorporation of a fan this Home Biltong Maker has really come 'of age".

From now on it will be even quicker and easier to make your biltong or to dry your droëwors!
Selling your Biltong on EBay? With the new RNA TURBO Home Biltong Maker you will increase your turnover drastically!

The New RNA-5 TURBO model is made of an advanced PST Rigid Styrene which makes the machine very easy to keep clean.
It measures 265 (L) x 305 (W) x 495 (H) mm and weighs around 4 kilograms.

The machine makes use of a 40 watt globe to supply the right temperature to dry the meat.
The globe gives a constant heat, just enough to simulate the natural drying conditions that you would find in the Southern African countries.

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