The BSP Shop has moved. We've now trading on the band's site here: Other than the change of address everything else the same as before. The BSP Shopkeeper is still at his post and will be dealing with all customer orders and queries as before. Expect the flow of miracle products to continue unabated. Any customers awaiting the arrival of an existing order can look forward to receiving them soon.

Kind Regards,

The Shopkeeper

Welcome to the Official British Sea Power Shop (est. 2003).

Happily the BSP Shop has attracted a fair bit of press recently:

The Evening Standard: "The best merchandise stand in the business."

Drowned in Sound: "Best merchandise on the planet."

Also, we've received some splendid feedback from fans too:

"It's the best looking merchandise stall I think I've ever seen and the stewards dress so stylishly too." Chris Ryan.

"My favourite band, my favourite merchandise and my favourite shop!" @dcollett86, via Twitter.

"You cannot get better customer service than with the BSP shop guys." @Sixfromsirius, via Twitter.

"The best merchandise on the planet for the best band on the planet." Alan R Sack, BSP fan and frequent BSP Shopper.

Your friendly shopkeeper can be contacted at

Thank you for your visit.

The Shopkeeper

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