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vincchip4small.JPG The Vinculum family of USB Host Controller ICs not only handle the USB Host Interface and data transfer functions, but owing to the inbuilt 8/32-bit MCU and embedded Flash memory, Vinculum encapsulates the USB unit classes as well. When interfacing to mass storage units such as USB Flash drives, Vinculum also transparently handles the FAT file structure communicating via UART, SPI or parallel FIFO interfaces via a simple to implement command set.

The initial product member of the family is the VNC1L unit which features two USB Ports which can be individually configured by firmware as Host or Slave ports.

Key VNC1L features include:

* 8/32 bit V-MCU Core
* Dual DMA controllers for hardware acceleration
* 64k Embedded Flash Program Memory
* 4k internal Data SRAM
* 2 x USB 2.0 Slow/Full speed Host/Slave Ports
* UART, SPI and Parallel FIFO interfaces
* PS2 legacy Keyboard and Mouse Interfaces
* Up to 28 GPIO pins depending on configuration
* 3.3V operation with 5V safe inputs
* Low power operation (25mA running/2mA standby)
* Inbuilt FTDI firmware easily updated in the field
* LQFP-48 RoHS compliant - package
* Multi-processor configuration capable
single unit
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100 pcs of the Vinculum VNC1L
Price : $1,000.00
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