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CleO Power Adapter

CleO-Power-Adapter-Webshop.png CleO 9V-1A DC Power Adapter

CleO is a smart TFT display shield for Arduino. It includes a high resolution TFT LCD panel with resistive touch, PWM audio output with in-built speaker amplifier for better audio quality. These smart TFT display shields can be easily programmed by almost anyone to give professional looking HMI / GUI's with no prior knowledge of complex graphics programming or mathematics. The corresponding power adapter satisfies the various UK/EU/USA regulations, including the latest energy saving standards and has interchangeable plug tops to allow for global operation.


Single Power Adapter
Price : $12.00
Availability : In stock
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Pack of 10 Power Adapters
Price : $114.00
Availability : In stock
Quantity :
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