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LC231X Module

LC231X.png The LC231X module is a low cost USB to serial UART bridge using FTDI’s FT231X. The module provides power and a UART interface with full modem handshaking control.

The LC231X IO interface can be either set to 3V3 or 5V, through the on board jumper.
The LC231X module’s UART interface is mapped to one 1X6 pin header and the full UART plus modem handshake control signals are mapped to two rows of 1x7 pin header.

Note the user cannot fit all connectors at the same time. The two header rows are spaced 0.5″ apart along the sides of the board, which allows the module to plug into a solderless breadboard.

Each module is supplied with one right angle socket and two 7pin headers included. The user can select which ones to fit.

Furthermore there are TX and RX LEDs to indicate data transmission on the UART signals.


Single Module
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Pack of 10 Modules
Price : $62.00
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